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  • I used Akiva’s project management services to work alongside my building company on my kitchen installation. I work very long hours and find myself travelling or staying away on business at short notice, and did not want to find myself in a situation where I was responsible for any delays to the project. I was assigned Foyzur Basit as my project manager and he went through everything in fine detail before the project started to make sure all purchases were made and most importantly the correct items were ordered. A few challenges appeared during the project which could have to very costly to me so the service provided was worth every penny.

    Patrick Moore

  • Project Management was not something I was considering for my project due to additional costs, but then I heard a horror story from a work colleague who advised they didn’t choose to have a project manager and unfortunately their relationship with the builder turned sour, they had to hire another company costing them more money and huge delays and I was convinced the extra cost was worth it! I found the communication with Akiva was second to none! They have a fantastic cloud based system which you are invited into to ensure you are always kept informed of everything during a live project. I felt like I literally did nothing, they did all the hard work for me, thank you Akiva.

    Kevin Connor

  • Everyone should know about the services Akiva Projects offers, I really like how they are so passionate about making sure the customer pays fair and square on a project. I actually hired them to run the renovation of my daughters' apartment in London because there was no way she could have done it on her own. They involved both myself and my daughter in all the updates and progress about the project, every few days I received photos about the project and a full report at the end of each week. Absolute genius!

    Sue Floyd

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