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The 1 bedroom flat facing the Limehouse basin belongs to a young business woman who works in the City which is busy, dynamic and full of energy. She has a small bathroom without window which needed an important style change.

We wanted the room to reflect the personality of the person who lives there.

A minimal and modern style was what the client needed, so we focused in that direction to make all the elements work perfectly together: wc, sink, storage and shower area.

The client is a person who does a lot of sport and has a job that takes up a lot of time, so she didn’t want any solution which required too much time to be cleaned and kept tidy.

We offered a walk in shower solution, and transformed a bathroom in a wetroom.

Focusing on the style, she wanted something modern, bright and contrasting because she enjoyed neutral and contrasting colours.

The tile choice was one of our first design steps, so we offered a cold gray stone- effect tiles, in a blended design which adds a modernistic and luxurious feel; the effect in the bathroom was dynamic, dramatic and all the tiles have a different texture.

We tiled the shower area and the floor creating a continuity between wall and floor.

The walk in shower included a large shower head, ideal for refreshing after a workout, we installed an alcove and we decided to add a soft light, with a personal coloured touch, in blue.

Our goal was of creating a minimal room, with simple and geometric lines, volumes emerging from the white walls: this design led us to suggest a wall hung vanity unit, in glossy walnut finishing, picked from the stylish brand Hudson Reed brand. The mirror above the sink matched perfectly the width of the sink.

The cistern is concealed, so the geometry is even more emphasised and the lines are clearer without a visible cistern.

The walls were painted white, and the contrast with the dark gray tiles make the overall environment looking bright and perfectly balanced.

The client was so happy about the results, that asked us to refurbish the kitchen as well.

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