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You Deserve More Than Just a Project Manager

Interested in building project management but not sure if it is worth paying for? If you are just replacing your kitchen or bathroom you probably don’t need any help. But if you are planning to build a major extension, or to refurbish or renovate your home, you probably have some concerns. You may be worried about how you’ll manage your build.

Juggling demanding jobs and family commitments with building works can be stressful. It is natural to worry about who will check the quality of the building work. Then there is the problem about who will coordinate the delivery of materials or resolve any difficulties on site. Major building projects can often add pressure to an already busy life.Building works don’t have to be the drain on your time and energy that you fear they may – creating your dream home space should be an exciting and pleasurable experience not a troublesome painful one and there is one person who is vital in your home building team who many people don’t think they need. You can employ them even before you have your planning permission. This person is your project manager.

Invest Now to Save Later

Employing a building project management professional might initially seem like a luxury, or an additional expense, but it can significantly improve the quality of the end result. An experienced building project manager can help prevent expensive errors on site. They can also reduce the risk of overspending and running over your deadline. Did you know that 90% of un-managed building projects overspend by 20%? This is a scary extra amount of money to find if you are looking to spend £200,000 or more. Whilst our fees may seem like an additional cost, in most cases the savings made are greater than the investment. Using a project manager leads to lower labour costs. Materials are bought more effectively, and unnecessary wastage or errors are reduced.

Proven Expertise and Track Record

Akiva Projects are a full-service building project management company. Project management is not an add-on service or convenient sideline for us. It is our speciality and we are well known and respected professionals within the industry.

Independence, Integrity

Akiva Projects have a proven track record of delivering successful projects for our clients. We don’t build, but we have a thorough and practical knowledge of the discipline. Our strength comes with our ability to organise your project with complete independence. We work directly for you. There are no conflicts of interests, and no issues with competing priorities. Our independence means your best interests are always our priority. We will always offer challenge, and check and question to ensure your project is a success.

Proactive, Communicative

Project management isn’t just about visiting your building site. It’s about enabling the building process and ensuring all parties have what they need to get the job done effectively, every day. Our project managers are highly-organised. Between them they have managed almost every type of project there is. We believe in a collaborative approach and share our expertise across the team for the benefit of all our clients. It goes without saying that our project managers are also great communicators. They coordinate all those involved to ensure that your new build, house refurbishment or home remodel project goes as smoothly as it can. As an Akiva Projects client you will be assigned your own project manager who will be with you throughout the building project. We offer a range of project management services, designed to suit your personal needs and budget.

Contract Administration with project monitoring service – fixed monthly fee

This service is Akiva’s recommended choice for our clients. It offers a much higher degree of involvement than an architect would traditionally offer for your project. We check that your project is being built to the correct design and specification. The project manager will monitor the quality of the main contractor’s work, and ensure that deadlines are met. Based on two visits to site a week, one meeting will be a minuted site meeting with your contractor, the other will be an unannounced visit to check on the promises made during the meeting.  This level of supervision gives us a good understanding of what is happening on the site and allows us to inspect the works. We then understand the information requirements from the contractor and can discuss and influence the progress of the works on site. We can then support the project team to highlight and resolve issues. Within this fee, we also check the contractor’s invoices and issue certificates for payment.

Contract Administration only – fixed monthly fee

This service concentrates on managing the contractual relationship between you and the builder. It is recommended for clients who are undertaking simpler, smaller projects. Contract administration is often chosen by clients who have the time to be closely involved with their build but want the added reassurance of expert project oversight.

We will come to site at valuations visits only (typically once every two weeks) and inspect the building works.  We will issue minutes of the meeting and a programme statement.  We will also check the invoice that the contractor has raised to see that it tallies with the work completed on site and the price previously agreed.  We will then issue certificates for payment as required under the contract.

Site Inspections only – hourly rate or fixed monthly fee

If the building contract is being administered by the main contractor then we can do a once every two weeks inspection.  This will include minutes and a programme update

Handholding – hourly rate or fixed fee Our project manager can visit by arrangement to reassure or inspect specific issues.



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