Coordination of design = successful delivery of a project

Your builder has stared your project, the rip out stage has begun. This is a critical phase of the project, where opportunities and challenges come to light now the project is ‘real’. Key onsite decisions may need to be made, and it is important that the usual pressures on a project, such as timetable and budget, do not effect the end design.

In an ideal world every builder, designer and independent party to any build project, would be able to complete their scope of works independently, without any reliance on anyone else. However throughout our many years of experience in the industry, this just isn’t practical and efforts must be put in place to ensure that a project is successfully completed.

Our design coordination is the preferred choice for many of our customers as it allows your designer to coordinate with your builder and yourself, successfully and effectively by all working together throughout the project, to ensure that all design activities associated with the approved designs are understood and coordinated to safeguard your project and it’s successfully completed.

Our Design coordination is charged on a hourly rate so you only pay if you need it.  

Upon rip out it was discovered that hidden pipes meant our design had to be changed mid project. Taking out design coordination allowed our designer to quickly get back to us with a solution, drawings were re-done without having to compromise on the design we loved and communicated fantastically with the build team.

Knowing our designer was with us throughout the project if we needed her, was like she was holding our hands . I can’t recommend it highly enough! Thank you!
— S Reygan - Akiva Client

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