A Celebration Of Styles, Textures, And Colours

Eclectic interiors harmonize contrasting styles allowing you to fill your home with your personal and unique style

Controlled Entropy might possibly be the best way to describe the Eclectic style when it come to interiors. This style can be very challenging to implement, the style incorporates and blends together a variety of styles for a single space. It focuses on layers and flows among elements and finishing to achieve a consistent and personal look. There are few rules that can be used to successfully implement this style.

Think of a mix of textiles: rough and smooth layered in the space to create interest and to recall elements and finishing in the room. Window treatments are normally plain and wavy, while cushions, throws and rugs are mainly with oriental prints or purely geometric, whilst  furniture shapes are predominantly round, no sharp angles or edges. Furniture distribution is key to create a sense of fluidity and flow.

Create your own style....
Let it be unique for yourself and yet identifiable for others
— Anna Wintour

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