personal one-to-one shopping experience

We have tailored our personal shopping experience to help you source unique incredible pieces for your home which can transform the ordinary to the extraordinary.

We will provide you with expert advice by assigning you with your own personal interior designer, you can then either book a one-to-one shopping day experience or one-to-one virtual help with sourcing key pieces from our extensive catalogue of suppliers.

We can save you time and money through our network of suppliers, both in the UK and abroad whom we have built relationships with over the years.

We will share our extensive knowledge of the best interior design shops, art dealers and suppliers we know and trust. Our personal shopping service can be tailored to for those who do not need our full design advice traditionally involved in a decorating project, but would still benefit from our professional knowledge and skills, or as an added on service to our full design package.

I think our trip was super helpful, as I really like where we got to on many things. Iā€™m feeling good on the sofa, ottomon, piano corner, side tables and i think the dining table. The zoning is spot on, with the appropriate amount of space for entertaining, dining, etc.
— M Maley - Akiva Client

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