we take the pressure off!

Procurement is a big part of any project and one of the most time-consuming, and takes a huge amount of organising. From finding quotes, to negotiating the best deals, placing orders and managing invoices.

Our team takes the pressure off managing multiple suppliers during your project, we do the hard work so you don’t have to. 

Once you have settled on a design you have fallen in love with, we get to work ordering all the beautiful pieces. These can come from all over the world, with various lead times, so it is vital we order them at the right time and to the right place.  If it’s something more exclusive we will source it. It’s not just the furnishings and decoration we order, we can also order all the items your builders need. Lights, bathroom fixtures and fittings, flooring, windows.

Most companies rely on third party couriers
and variations in products are noticeable to the smallest of differences which requires a trained eye to cross check. 

We can offer trade discounts through our trusted suppliers saving you money.

Having a clear view of my completed purchase list was was very useful as it had all the links, quantity, images, colour, cost at a glance .

Having seen the scale of the list, I quickly realised that taking on the task of ordering multiple items from various different companies all to arrive on site at different times was a task I did not want to take on.

Taking out the procurement option not only saved me money as they deal direct with their suppliers but so much time. The attention to detail was really impressive and would highly recommend the service.
— J Oaks - Akiva Client

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