The importance of space planning

Space planning is an essential element of any interior design process. Missing this vital stage in the design journey will lead to failure and disappointment. We understand that space planning must successfully reflect what our clients are looking for and that all starts with an in-depth analysis of what your space is to be used, for the most important parts of your home.

Our designers will focus on obtaining key pieces of information so we are able to create a space that is both beautiful and functional.

Using superior software our designers present 2 layout options which are drawn to scale, you are then able to choose the best layout which sometimes includes ideas from each one of the options presented.

Our designers will present you with plans that define the zones and the activities that will take place in those zones and other key practical matters such as storage solutions. The plan is then finished by adding all the fine details such as furniture and hardware placement.

The bedroom had no plumbing, and limited support it was a slightly larger project than first anticipated, albeit from the outset Akiva were fantastic.

The design they put together was a collaboration between their experience and my demands. They made the whole process run smoothly from the outset, with communication being excellent throughout this preliminary stage.
— S Shepherd - Akiva Client

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