light up your life!

One of the most important elements in any interior renovation/re-decorating is the lighting.  Getting the right light for the room not only fulfils the specific function of each space but it can create different atmospheres, investing in a lighting project will change your environment and will improve a person’s well being.  It is vital to give lighting the attention it deserves.

When light is used properly it quite literally lights up the room! The types of lighting can be divided into direct, indirect and diffuse each crating specific effects.  With the correct lighting our designers can bring attention to a specific piece of furniture, carpets, art work and carpentry.  We can make everything more beautiful.

Our designers can talk you through the best ways to improve your home with the correct lighting, using state of the art software you will be presented with a detailed 2D & 3D lighting design so you can really see your lighting project come to life.

We worked with Gabriela on a lighting design for a full remodelling of our 2-bed flat. Gabriela guided us to establish mood boards for each room that helped focus our ideas. We particularly loved the fact that she quickly understood the style we were looking for and was always prompt to react, suggest alternatives, and make adjustments as required. Gabriela’s attention to detail meant that not a single thing was left out, from flooring to ceiling lights and everything in between, all while working within the price range that we were comfortable with. Overall, we would highly recommend Akiva for a delightful and stress-free lighting design experience.
— D Nadhem - Akiva Client

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