Our designers are able to show you the full potential of your space before you commit to an expensive renovation or decorating project by providing you with full 3D renders. 

Having clear visuals of the projects end result will guarantee the build costing to be accurate from your chosen builder, visuals also demonstrates clear instruction and expectation which can sometimes be difficult to translate on words alone. 

Whether you are looking for a full home design or just one room we can provide you with full visualisation.  Using our state of art software our designers cover the finest of details such as lighting, furniture and fittings and will present you with your finished room even before your builder has lifted a tool!

We will also produce a purchase list based on the approved design of which you can choose to order yourself or use our Procurement Service.

These fine details bring the whole experience together presenting you with superior interior imagery.

I contracted Akiva Projects to completely re-design and re-fit my bathroom. The team absolutely met the high standards I’d hoped for. I was thrilled to see my ideas come to life in the 3D visuals which allowed to ensure everything is exactly like I envisioned.

The building team carried out the installation as per the design and I’m delighted by the results and it’s fair to say the bathroom is now my favourite room!

— F Williams - Akiva Client

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